Friday, February 18, 2005

viva ウンコ座り









「とったどー」 by 波多野タン
「ガッショウ」 by 前田THEドラゴン
「あーざっす」 by みんな
「まつたけ8===D」 by 谷村慎子
「茶色だねっ」 by 竹下康介
「普通のデ000人になりたくないので・・・幸せ家庭を持ちたい」 by 正規晋


I went on a trip with 58 people that I will be working with in April. The resort was reserved just for us compeletely and had hot springs and was supposed to be a nice relaxing time. But It was never close to that mentally and physically. However, it was a lot of fun and I was amazed by how each person has his/her own personality and character. And it was hardcore. We made up some games to play and everybody was so creative and willing to participate in anything. That definitely lead the trip to the success.

Anyway, I witnessed a miracle. One of the guys on the trip, Shota, recognized me and remembered that he and I went to kindergarden together 18,19 years ago. That was crazy and I was sorry that I couldnt remember him. I'll get to see him in April when training starts so I am excited. But I bet that once I start working I'll meet more people that went to school in the past. But this is kindergarden I am talking about.

And, I need to do a little recap and regroup. We had a little paty at night and I WENT NUTS. I was gonna sell myself as a relaxing guy but dont guess that'll work least in the same class.

Anyway, it was fun...I wish we could do it again. I cannot remember eveyone's name, I dont even know some names of people in my own group. If there is a next time, I'll do better communicating and remember names.


At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How the hell could he recognize you? You all look the same!!!


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