Saturday, February 05, 2005

Semester At Sea

2 friends from Clemson went on Semester at Sea this semester and were going to stop in Japan from today(feb 5th) to the 9th. But I got a phone call from Hawaii a few days ago. It was Laura and Katherine who were supposed to be in Korea then. Long story short, their cruise ship was hit by a huge storm in the Pacific and was damaged bad. So they turned around and got to Hawaii. and the school cancelled stops in Korea and Japan. When they called, I told it must've been cool to experience crap like that and they went through the perfect storm and ended up at Castaway. But I saw a video footage in the news 2 days ago and it was insane. all students are huddled together and the boat was rocking left and right. Oh well...they are safe on Waikiki Beach now and my trip to Osaka, and Hiroshima went south.



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