Friday, February 11, 2005



I had a meeting for the big trip and hung out afterwards.I met more people and like them a lot. I found myself being pressured by their deal. I mean they are hilarious and have momentum. I felt like I had to crack some jokes or act dumb beyond my limit. On the way home, we even picked up trash, which we will need for props. and I brought that home and must take it back out to Shibuya tomorrow cuz we'll build a TV frame with it. With all said and done, it's cool getting to know them now cuz I am on the ride with them for awhile. I'll be working with them and hanging out with them. So anything is whatever say whatever. Whatever that is, they will all find out eventually. Alright, I am not making sense here. It gets confusing when you try to translate what I am saying in Japanese word for word. English and Japanese are way too different. Oh well. Gotta get up early to build a frame. Later


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