Monday, February 14, 2005







today I really dont have much to write in English. I went out a lot this week. on Wednesday, I went out with a few guys to watch soccer world cup qualify vs. North Korea. and I didnt make it home. On Thursday, it was initially only a meeting but afterwards we ate and hung out awhile. took it easy on Friday. and now on Saturday, I met one of the most tripping, insane, ADD kids in Nikotama. He was nuts and we ended up at karaoke. and finally tonight, somehow I met up with a few people and talked about the trip and ate and hung out til midnight.

Finally, Japan is heating up for me.

and we only have 3 days til our ice-breaking trip. for your info, people that I will be working with from April are taking a trip together to get to know each other, and I am helping the initiators plan the trip. It's been crazy trying to get people go with us. and we got finally over 70 people. It is exciting. I'm getting crazy pumped.


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