Sunday, February 13, 2005

社会見学1: カラオケ

今日カラオケにつれてってもらった。男だけで行くとこではないと思ったが行った。俺に古さがマジで出た。俺が歌った歌: Knockin' On Your Door by L<=>R、瞳そらさないで by Deen、それが大事 by 大事MANブラザーズ。 他のみんな: Rip Slyme, EXILE, 槇原敬之(俺に合わせて)、Kinki, 青のりなど。 曲名なんか聞いたことなくてわかんなかった。


次回 社会見学2: 合コン

I went to karaoke today. Karaoke is a little different rednecks and you sit in a little room with people you come with. I didnt think it's a place you go with only guys but we went. and it was obvious that my time in Japan has stopped 10 years ago because of the songs I picked. I could not sing along the songs other guys picked cuz I had never heard of them. I thought it was a joke for awhile that I only know old stuff and I actually know what's new and all that. But I really didnt know. I guess I've got a long way to go.

Anyway as a result, karaoke just might be fun.


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