Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine's Day@東京女子医学大学病院



そこは1996年Greenwood, South Carolina. 放課後俺は野球の練習に励んでいた。中学までバスケをやっていたおれは、公式野球では初心者。それまでは小学校時代に友達集めて公園でたまにやるか巨人戦を見てイメージトレーニングをしてた。そんなヘタクソにコーチが与えたポジションはファースト。理由は簡単・・・左利きだから!!!そんなビギナーがファーストに立っていきなり清原THE番長になれるわけがない。

.005秒後にはナイアガラ流にしぶきを立てるBLOOD. それよりすごかったのはコーチGEER. 俺の止め処もなく流れる血を見つつ"JUST STAY OUT THERE!" いわれたとおりに血の激流とともにノックを受けたヘタクソファーストベースマンは俺です。



ってことで3月に医者の都合とベッドに空きが出れば、手術と入院が決定した。1週間も入るらしい。それを聞いたときの俺はマジで・・・へこんだ。私病院大嫌いじゃ。雰囲気にやられる。いるだけで致命的な病気にかかりそうでいやだ。その後、採血、採尿、心電図、入院予約を済ませcheck out. 一日中病院の各ステーションですげー待たされたが、会計はスーパー早かった。そんな病院が、金だけには手が早い薄情物に見えた。かなりへこんで倒れは、慰めるためにラーメンをご馳走してやった。

Long story short, I will probably be hospitalized in March. 9 years ago, I broke my nose playing baseball because I was a terrible 1st baseman. I was only at 1st base cuz I am left handed and didnt know where I should play, and my coach told me to go there. And the ball hit the dirt and nailed me in the nose. Since then, I hadnt been able to beathe from my right nostro. So I went today just to see what I can do about it.

So there I was sitting in the hospital waiting for my turn. IT TOOK FOREVER. I even fell asleep awhile. Let me get to the result...I may need surgery. and I have to be hospitalized for at least a week after that. That is upsetting. I hate hospitals. I feel like I'd get a deadly disease just being there. and I'll have to sleep there for a week. I might as well be dead now.

Well it was time to check out. Until checking out, I had to wait forever to get anything done from waiting on a doc, taking x-rays, etc. But not checking out. You go right in and right out. It was the fastest line I've ever been in. So I learned that they are slow to work but quick to money...filthy bastards.


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