Saturday, February 05, 2005


今日ニュースを見ててかなり怒った。愛知のヨーカドーで34歳の男が11ヶ月の赤ん坊を意味なく刺して殺した。その後、他の子供にも殴りけり逃走。結局捕まったが、次は精神的理由で逮捕が成立するかわからないときた。ふざけるな。34歳のムショから出てきたばっかのおっさんが、何日かいらいらしていて「刺せ」という声が聞こえたと証言。いらいらしてたら「殺したい」と思うことがふつうあるのか? しかもそこに居合わせた他人しかも赤ん坊を殺すなんておかしすぎる。全然分からない。分かりたいとも思わない。おかしいよこれ。

I saw in the news today and got pissed off. A 34 year old guy killed a 11 month old baby for no reason in a department store. And then, he continue to punch and kick other kids there and ran away. He eventually was caught but now there is a chance that he wont get charged for the crime due to a possibility of mental illness or whatever. Now that is messed up. He even just finished serving time in jail at the end of January. He told cops that he was feeling frustrated for a few days and wanted to kill, and also he heard a voice telling him to stab. How does that work? I dont get it. I dont wanna get it. Can this humanly happen?


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