Friday, June 03, 2005

From the Land of the Orient

Dear all

Hey, what's going on. It's been way too long. I apologize for my absense. I hope this email find you all well and sound. Well yes I am finally working, and am busy. I work for an advertising compnay called Dentsu Inc. and have been assigned to Newspaper Dept. Its basic role is to place ads in newspapers. I'm still not doing anything workish...just learning things. But the spin is crazy fast. When I'm moving, I dont notice at all but on weekends when I stop and come back to the reality, I realize how different my life is now. I am thinking about moving close to work. I dont get to drive here often but when I do go for a drive every once in awhile, it's a great reminder of my life back inClemson. it feels freakin awesome.

I get to check up on the Tigers once or twice a week on the internet. I am really glad to see the Tiger baseball made a turnaround and had a strong 2nd half. I hope that we'll take this momentum to Omaha. When I introduce myself to people at work, some of them ask me about Clemson or SC. I get so fired up when I get to do that...especially when I get to show them pics of the Tigers and Death Valley. To people here, it is unreal that a college stadium holds over 80,000 and it's in a rural town. Man just thinking about this, I wanna get on a plane to GSP. By the way, the most famous Tiger in Japan is Horace Grant. No, Danny Ford doesnt own this land.

I went to church last sunday. I have been slack and havent gone every sunday. That was also a good reminder of my life and that you all are giftsfrom God to me. I got to hear English too(yes it's an English speakinchurch).

Oh yeah, congrats to all the couples that are getting married(or already married) this summer. Dont do it!!!...j/k I apologize that I cannot make it there to celebrate yalls special day. Well I am now 25(Happy belated Birthday to my American Twin, Mark Sursavage...I pour one out for you man)and hope one day soon I will make my way back to the great state of SouthCarolina to see the Tigers play, go to Edisto and play whiffle ball, eat Mac's and Walhalla Steakhouse, go to the Esso Club, drink some natty light,watch sportscenter and ER, and just hang out with yall.

no matter where I am, please remember...I am Japanese by birth, SOUTHERN bythe grace of God. Later


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