Monday, January 10, 2005

Tokyo Baptist Church

I went to an English-speaking baptist church today. First of all, their 4th service begins at 3pm and I like it.  I walk in and saw a diversed group of singers (one of them was a Japanese lady in Kimono and bouncing) on stage singing "You Are All I want." And then 2 Japanese girls got baptised...a black guy dumped them into water as a typical baptist church does in the South. Honestly I had never seen those baptism tubs or whatever you call it in person. I only saw it when Deion got baptised which was shown on Beyond the Glory. And then their pastor from Arizona gave a sermon and at the end shared with us that a couple from Iran accepted Christ this morning during the 3rd service and they are getting dumped next sunday.

I really liked this church a lot(except for the fact that the service lasted for an hour and 45 minutes). I had been there once before but it was okay then. It was almost a culture shock to see that many people from different places gather for the same reason. and they really encourage people to participate in ministries. But at the same time, it was really comforting that I almost felt like I was at a church back in SC...praise songs I recognized, people talking English, somewhat informal/casual manner of service, etc and a guy named Joel from LA came and introduced himself afterwards instead of passing the peace with me. He was about my age I think. There were some chicks too...

Maybe I have found my church


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