Sunday, December 26, 2004

Churches in Japan

I went to a Christmas service by myself on the eve at Tokyo Union Church. This is an English-speaking independent church. I had been there once before and after trying twice, I decided that I am not a fan.

My least favorite part of church services is "greeting your neighbors," "sharing peace," or whatever. I don't like it because I think it's really fake. I guess it's different if you are a member and actually develop quick conversations on the spot. Usually for me, it ends with an awkward smile after failing to respond quickly and correctly (for example, "Great to have you this morning." "Fine, thank you."/"How are you doing this morning?" "YOU TOO").

Well for TUC, they do stuff like "May the Lord be with you - also with you" junk in the service. I dont know all that stuff. I became a Christian in high school after growing up in a non-Christian country for 14 years. I am sorry to say this(well not really) but the fact is that I dont even know Lord's prayer. And I always attended rather "laid back and chill" churches. So while greeting people at TUC, they said "May peace be with you" or something like that. I didnt know how to respond to that except for my all-time awkward smile. They did the communion and pulled something along that line again(a lady whispered to me "this is the body of Christ...this is the blood of Christ" or something close). So I just put the bread in my mouth and walked away...and then prayed.

I guess that's how many some denominations work but it sort of turns me off. Let's be more approachable. Don't read scripts and TALK to me. So I'm going to Tokyo Baptist next.

and is an independent church like a non-denominational?

Christmas in Tokyo

Since I have approximately 3 friends(all male) on a good day here, I didnt have a special plan for Christmas. People don't do family stuff on Christmas here and it's not really a holiday either. People usually throw parties or go on dates, which is taken too far. Anyway, my parents and I went out to eat and chilled. The picture above is one of the HOT spots for's nothing on Walhalla's Christmas lights though.

Friday, December 24, 2004


I must say I am happy with how Red Sox turned out this off-season. I was a bit concerned when Pedro signed with the Mets and David Wells signed for 2 years with the Sox. But now they have signed Edgar Rentaria, Wade Miller, and Matt Clement. And the biggest thing is that Veritek is back.

On the other hand, the Yanks wasted money again this year. They signed Jarrett Wright and Carl Pavano. Not only they are paying them too much, I do not think they will perform up to George's satisfaction. Jarrett Wright pitched decent only because he was playing for the Braves. Pavano did awesome this past season but nothing is guranteed about him. He only had one all star season. I LOVE IT!

I think the Braves should sign Millwood again. I think if he come back to Atlanta, he can pitch like an all star again. And they already have Tim Hudson. He will win Cy Young. I'm feeling it. But the Braves also needs to sign 2 OFs, at least one good one to replace JD Drew. Unless Fancour is ready to come up to the Big League, they need to get Magglio or someone as good.

With all that said, I am all against free agency. Look at all the mediocre pitchers signing 3, 4 years for $30, 40 million. It is ridiculous. Look at A-Rod and then Carlos Beltran. I just do not think that one player is worth $100 mill. when you play with 9 players plus the dugout. And the only team who can pay one player that much and still can manage to keep other all stars is the Pin-stripe Faggots in Bronx. Pay-Rod killed the Rangers when he was there. It's a team sport. So I HATE FREE AGENCY. Each team should focus more on developing their own players like Oakland and deal a few trades on the side.

A game

Last night my mother, Tamami, and I went out to eat. While we were eating, I had placed my cell phone on the table b/c it's too big to have in the pocket while sitting down for a long time. And then we ended our meal and walked out.

As we were walking home, my mother suddenly freaked out and asked whether or not I grabbed my phone. So I replied simply and calmly "yes." And then she goes on explains that she noticed it on the table and thought that I might leave it on my way out. However, she forgot to warn me when we were exiting, and I didn't forget to grab it.

I won...

Thursday, December 23, 2004

"There would be no windows if..."

my cyber mentor, Lee Cunningham has introduced me to his Big Opus the other day. So I decided to start my own to challenge my endurance. I dont know how much longer my life will last on here (if I stop posting, it probably means that I will have found a better life...not dead so dont worry and be happy).

I wish that the technology would stop evolving. Yes, this comes from a Japanese guy. Just a few days ago, I thought I was on the top of everything when I learned how to instant message girls from Byrnes to Lever. I heard it on the radio the other day, "There would be no windowns if Bill Gates got laid in high school." Thanks a lot, girls!

About the title "1st and 10," I just wanted to make myself a little more optimistic than I really am. It was first gonna be "Lost in Transition" just b/c I am about to start back my life in Japan and I miss the South and yada yada yada. But what if this page goes for years, decades, and generations. On the 15th anniversary which makes me 39, I sure hope that I wont be lost then. So I'm gonna go for the 1st down everyday and oneday I'll score me a TD, baby! b/c I am optimistic.